Thursday, February 12, 2009

Constructing your own Magick Mirror

* This is an old hereditary Witchcraft tool for both divination
and spell casting.

* Bathe the blackened mirror in an herbal brew of rosemary, fennel, rue, Vervain, ivy, and walnut leaves or bark. While the glass is sitting in the potion, hold both your hands out over it, palms down, and recite:

“I awaken the sleeping spirits of old,
Whose eyes reveal all that is told,
Give to me visions within this dark well,
And make this a portal of magickal spell.”

* Envision in your mind a mist forming around the mirror. Take a deep breath and then slowly exhale outward upon the potion. Repeat this three times. Remove the mirror from the position and dry it thoroughly. Prop the mirror up vertically, sandwiched between two sturdy books or book ends to hold it in place. The supports should not obscure more than half of the mirror. Hold your right hand out in front of you so that your palm is facing the convex side of the mirror. Then place the left palm facing the concave side, about three inches away from the glass surface. You are now ready to magnetize the mirror to your aura. With the left hand, begin making a circular clockwise motion, staying within the dimensions of the mirror. Do this for a few minutes and then perform the same motion on the convex side of the mirror with the right hand. The opposite hand is always held still while the moving hand circulates.

* Once completed, take the mirror out beneath the Full Moon and allow the moonlight to fall upon the concave side. Slowly fill the glass to the brim with the herbal potion. Hold it toward the moon, almost level with your eyes. Don’t worry about spilling. While looking at the moon allow your eyes to unfocus slightly. If you are doing this correctly, you will see three lines of light seemingly emanating from the moon. Continue to squint until the vertical lines coming from the bottom of the moon seem to touch upon the mirror.

* Once the moonbeam is touching the mirror, speak these words:

“Three are the lights seen
And one not between,
For the Enchantress at last
Dwells within the dark glass.”

* Quickly close your eyes so that you break eye contact. Open them again, looking down toward the glass. Kneel and pour out the potion on the earth in the manner of libation. Then rinse the mirror off with fresh clear water. Finally, wrap the mirror in a silk cloth to protect its lunar magnetism. Never allow sunlight to fall directly on the mirror. The mirror is now ready to be used for divination or spell casting.

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