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Cartomacy (Fortune Telling with Cards)

* 32 Card Reading

> Use the 7 - Ace from each suit.


(Hearts represent emotion, love, friendship, and all things personal).

Ace - Pertains to the home. The card of cards surrounding
it denote the nature of the home situation.
King - A young to middle-aged man with a fairly light complexion.
Queen - A young adult female with light hair and light eyes. Usually kind and affectionate.
Jack - A young man or woman under 18 or a child with light hair and light eyes. If next to the king of hearts, it represents the thoughts of the person you see as the king of hearts.
Ten - Good luck, happiness, and maybe even a commitment proposal - at the least, moonlight kisses!
Nine - Best card in the deck! The Wish Card! If you are asking a question and this card comes up, you will get your wish. If a dark card is next to it, pay attention to the meaning of that card because it could indicate a delay.
Eight - Romance, emotional commitment, forgiveness, love.
Seven - A surprise. If it’s next to a face card, that will tell you the source of the surprise.


(Diamonds represent money, papers, and fortune).

Ace - A letter of message. If a face card is next to it, the message will come from that person. If a positive or light card is next to it, it will be a good message. If there is a dark card next to it, it will be indifferent.
King - An older man with grey hair, or a middle-aged man with a light complexion and blue or green eyes.
Queen - A light-haired lady over 30 with blond, white, or red hair, typically with blue or green eyes.
Jack - A young man or woman under 18 who has a very light complexion and light eyes. If this card is next to the king of diamonds, it represents the thoughts of the person you associate with the king of diamonds.
Ten - Big bucks! Lots of money and profit.
Nine - A surprise. The cards surrounding it will tell you what kind of surprise it will be.
Eight - Inheritance, something given in the form of money, or something of value - something beyond a normal pay-check.
Seven - Success, or a gift that will surprise you. This also is a very important card: it can negate the negativity of the nine of spades, which is the most negative card in the deck. If you are asking a “yes” or “no” question, the nine of spades is considered a “no” answer. It is a card of disappointment. However, if you get the nine of spades pertaining to a question and the seven of diamonds falls above, below, or next to it, it cancels the negativity and means there is still a chance for a positive outcome.


(Clubs represent business, endeavours, work and wisdom).

Ace - Gifts or something given. It also can represent jealousy of a person or situation.
King - A man with a medium to dark complexion, most likely over 18 to middle-aged.
Queen - A young female adult with brunette hair and blue or brown eyes.
Jack - A young man or woman under 18 with a medium complexion and brown or blue eyes. If this card is next to the king of clubs, it represents the thoughts of the person you associate with the king of clubs.
Ten - Journey or change. It can also mean a business situation that is a bit chaotic.
Nine - Luck “for sure”. This card needs to be read with the cards around it for clarity.
Eight - Uncertainty, stress, or anxiety in any area of life depending on the cards next to it, but especially in business dealings.
Seven - Messages and possible delays in plans. This could mean someone coming to your door.


(Spades represent mostly the disagreeable things in life).

Ace - Trouble, or death if upside down. However, this is not always a physical death; it could be the death of a situation or emotion. If the card is right side up, it could mean a passionate love affair.
King - A middle-aged or older man with a dark complexion.
Queen - A female over 30 with dark hair and dark eyes. It can also indicate a lady who is fair but is older and grey-haired.
Jack - A young man or woman with a dark complexion. It can also mean the thoughts of the man you see as the king of spades.
Ten - Hospital, court, school, or building; also, facts to be revealed.
Nine - Disappointment. The only way to balance the negativity is if the seven of diamonds is above it, below it, or on either side of it.
Eight - Trouble and things looking doubtful. However, this can also mean a situation that will take place at night.
Seven - Health. This could be good or bad health, depending on the cards surrounding it. Also, it can denote that disappointment is coming your way.

***Cards in Sequence***

Two Aces - Your wish. If you are asking a specific question, you will get your wish.
Three Aces - Problems moving away from you.
Four Aces - A change in your life.

Two Kings - An officer, or accountant. This could also mean older brothers.
Three Kings - Good news coming your way soon.
Four Kings - Bright situation and circumstances.

Two Queens - A new friendship.
Three Queens - Trouble, gossip, arguments.
Four Queens - Company coming to call; a lot of people on the way.

Two Jacks - A new romantic partner. This could also be young brothers.
Three Jacks - Someone from your past returning to you.
Four Jacks - Relatives or close friends from far away are returning, or you will hear news of them.

Two tens - Change of places or time in your life.
Three Tens - Time to make new friends, and new opportunity for fresh starts.
Four Tens - Lots of money knocking at your door.

Two Nines - Business changes ahead - be prepared.
Three Nines - You need to make a decision or one will be made for you.
Four Nines - New projects, ideas, and notions. Start something you like to do.

Two Eights - A trip to another state or region. If these are two red cards, the trip will be pleasant and fruitful. If they’re two black cards, the trip may have delays and disappointments. If they’re one black and one red, the trip will be so-so, with good and bad elements.
Three Eights - A struggle regarding work, love, or moving.
Four Eights - A major change of many matters in your life.

Two Sevens - No doubt. This means that there is no doubt that something is going to happen or not happen depending on the question asking. Two light sevens are positive and two dark sevens are negative. If you have one of each the outcome is undetermined.
Three Sevens - A surprise. Whether the surprise is good depends on how many red cards you have to black.
Four Sevens - Schemes, conflict, and cunning. Be careful with whom you associate.

Card Spreads

***One-Month Spreads***

(This method offers you insights in a week-to-week time frame.
All 32 cards are laid out at once and then read).

1) Shuffle the cards. As you shuffle, think of your intention or question. If you are looking for a general reading, think or ask, “What will my future hold?” If you have a specific question, think of that question.
2) When you are done shuffling, do not cut the cards. Cutting the cars “cuts” their energy, and you want them to flow.
3) Starting from the top of the deck, place the cards, one by one, face up from left to right in four rows of eight. The top row represents the present week of the month and so on. Even though the first row represents the first week, that does not mean that each card represents a specific day. It does not. The week should be read as a whole.
4) When your cards are laid out in front of you, begin to read. First glance at the 32-card layout in general. Are there any cards in groups or sequences? If so, interpret those.
5) Now read row by row.

***One-Question Card Spread***

1) Shuffle the 32 cards and spread them out face down from left to right.
2) Select 7 cards. Keep them face down laying 4 on the top row and 3 beneath.
3) Turn them over. From this you should decipher your answer.

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