Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lesson: Consecrating a Tool

Set up the altar as you want it, and light the candles and incense. Perform the Salt-Water Purification, and cast a circle by doing the Circle Visualization. Ask the Goddess to be with you.

Hold your athame (or whatever tool you’re using) in your strongest hand, saying, “Blessed be, thou creature of art.”

Touch it to the symbols of each of the four elements in turn: incense for Air, wand for Fire, the chalice for Water, and the pentacle for Earth. Meditate on the power of each element, and visualize that power flowing into the athame. Say:

“May you be charged with the power of {Air, Fire, Earth, Water}, and serve me well in the {East, South, North, West}, between the worlds, in all the worlds. So mote it be.”

Pass your athame through the candle flame, and touch it to the central cauldron. Visualize white light filling and charging it. Say:

“May you be charged from the center of all, above and below,
Throughout and about,
Within and without,
To serve me well between the worlds,
In all the worlds.
So mote it be.”

Draw or inscribe your own personal symbols on the blade or hilt. Trace over them with your own saliva, sweat, menstrual blood, or other secretions, to create the link with your tool. Breathe on it, and imagine your own personal power flowing into it.

Touch it to your heart, and your lips. Raise it to sky, and point it to earth. Wrap your cord around it (or imagine it, if you don’t have a cord) and visualize a shield of light binding the power.

“Cord go round,
power be bound,
light revealed,
now be sealed.”

Earth the power, thank the Goddess, and open the circle by thanking each of the directions and visualizing the pentacles dissolving.

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