Monday, February 16, 2009

Meditation: Memory

Cast a circle, go into trance, and orient yourself in your Place of Power. Face in the direction that feels most comfortable to you.

In front of you, you see a path. Search for the path, and find it. Now follow it, looking around you, noticing what you see and hear and feel and sense. Follow it along, further and further.

The path leads over a ridge. Climb the ridge, and begin to descend, going down… down… down… circling down the hillside.

On your way down, you will see the entrance to a cave that leads deep…. Deep into the hill. Find the cave, and stand before the entrance.

Within the cave are all of your memories, from this life, and from all previous life-times. In a moment, you will enter the cave. You will be able to go as deep as you wish, to explore any branching tunnel, any cavern that you wish. If you have a particular memory you want to experience, hold it in your mind, and you will be led to the proper place. If there is a memory you are not ready to face, the path to it will be blocked.

Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, and, as you count to three, enter the cave of your memories. Take as much time as you need to explore.
(Allow at least 10 minutes).

Now prepare to come back from your memory. Take time to end it. Come back to the entrance of the cave.

Take a deep breath - inhale, and as you exhale count to three and come out of the cave. Exhale - count one, two, three.

Come out of the cave, and climb back up the hillside. Return up the hill, over the ridge, following the path back to your own Place of Power.

Bid farewell to the four directions and come out of the trance.

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