Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Intention Ritual

1) Have four symbols of the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. You can use a stone, candle, incense and a chalice. Have a white candle for spirit in the center. Place them on your workspace. Don’t worry about directions and orientations on your space. Put them wherever it feels right. If you have a meditation altar, use it. If not, clear a space in a spot that is quiet to do this work, where others will not disturb you. You will also need paper and black thread.

2) On a small piece of paper, write out your intentions for this level of study.

“I, ___, ask in the name of the Goddess and God for aid in my studies of this level of witchcraft. I intend to become a priest/ess of witchcraft. I intend to complete this work successfully within one year if this is correct and for my highest good. I ask to be open to all experiences and understand all lessons given to me. So mote it be.”

3) Light your Fire candle and the incense. Leave the spirit candle unlit.

4) Imagine your protective circle around you.

5) Say this or something similar:

“I ask for the love and guidance of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, and the love and guidance of the Goddess and God. Hail and welcome.”

Feel the presence of the divine. Know it, even if you don’t feel anything different. The universe will always reach out to help those who sincerely call to it.

6) Hold the white spirit candle. Think about your spirituality and the path of the witch. Invite the Goddess and God to be fully present in your life, however you envision the divine. Light the candle.

7) Spend a few minutes reflecting on the meaning of the priestess and priest. Reflect on the path you are taking. Even if you think you don’t want to be a priestess or priest for the community, you are one for yourself, and through this ritual, you acknowledge and seek to deepen that role.

8) Read your intention slip out loud. Then roll it up like a scroll and tie it with the black thread, binding it together and sealing your intention. Keep the paper safe for use in the intention ritual at the end of the year’s time.

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