Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meditation: Visiting the Inner Temple

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) In your mind’s eye, visualize the great World Tree, a gigantic tree reaching up to the heavens and deep below the earth, larger than any tree you have ever seen. It is a sacred tree and you may recognize it as an oak, ash, pine, willow or any other tree that has meaning to you.

3) Imagine that the screen of your mind’s eye is like a window or doorway, a portal through which you can easily pass. Step through the screen and stand before the World tree. Look up and feel its power. Touch the tree and place in it the intention of visiting your inner temple.

4) Look around the base of the giant tree, in the roots, and search for a passageway. It may be a hole or tunnel, or even a pool of water that gives you entry into the tree. As you enter, you find yourself in a tunnel, winding and spiralling to your inner temple.

5) At the end of the tunnel you see a light, and you move toward that light and step out into your inner temple. Look around. Take stock of all you see. Notice all the fine details of your sacred space. Let the images come to you.

6) First look for a reflective surface, a mirror or pool of some kind. Gaze into the mirror and see yourself, your spiritual self, as you truly are. Look at your self-image. Do you like it? Do you like yourself? More importantly, do you love yourself? Love is the foundation of true magick. Look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that you are loved.

7) Leave the mirror and continue exploring, looking for your place of water. Here you bathe in the water of your own power. Think of all your worries, hopes, fears, dreams, and insecurities. Think of all the things that bring you unrest. Feel them rise out of your body and sit on the surface of your skin, and then wash then away. Wash away all that does not serve your highest good and release it, to be dissolved in the waters.

8) When you are done with the water, look around your temple again. Look for your place of earth, perhaps a small garden. It may have grown wild or be fallow at this point. Do not worry. Feel yourself in the garden, grounded and centered, yet still present. This is your place of stillness. Think about the things you wish to manifest and materialize in the world. Think of your plans and dreams, your projects. Think of manifesting your creativity. Take those thoughts and feel then take form as seeds in your pockets. Take the seeds out and plant them with love. Water your garden and allow the seeds to grow. As your dreams manifest, this garden will flourish.

9) If you notice any of the other elements calling to you - fire, air, the Sun, the Moon - visit with them and experience these energies for yourself.

10) Journey to the center of your temple, if you are not already there. Somewhere in the center, you will find the gateway of healing. Go to the gateway. Open the door and feel a chamber filled with healing light. The light could be any colour you need. Enter the room and feel the light fill you up, healing you on all levels. Your healing spirits may join you there, but you will not necessarily see them or hear them. Such guides may lay you down as they do their work, releasing illness, filling you with light or power objects such as crystal and plant spirits. You could be wrapped in healing bandages, like a mummy, or placed in a healing chamber, like a sarcophagus.

11) When you feel the process is complete, thank your healing guides and exit the gateway of healing, returning to the center of the inner temple. Now you will search for your gateway of guidance. It could be the same doorway, leading to a different location, or another doorway altogether. Ask to see the gateway of guidance and you will be led to it.

12) Open the gateway of guidance, and look out into the vast sea of stars. Say, “In the name of the Goddess and God, I call on my highest and best spirit guides, those correct and for my highest good, to come through and meet with me now.” You see a shape or two come out of the gateway, and with each moment, the figure comes into clearer focus. You see your guide or guides standing before you.

13) Speak with your guides. Ask each guide its name. Who are they and where are they from? Ask each guide’s purpose and if they have any messages for you. If ready, ask your guides what your purpose is right now. If you have any other personal questions, take this time to speak with your guides and gain their wisdom and advice.

14) Thank the guides when done and see them back out through the gateway of guidance. Now that you have made contact, you can speak with them at any time.

15) Invite the Goddess and God, the forces of creation, into your inner temple. You may see the Goddess and God manifest in your temple, filling it with their perfect love for you and all life. Feel them bless and protect this sacred space. At this time, you may speak with them or be with them.

16) When done, thank the Goddess and God. If there is anything about your temple that you do not like, you can change it now by doing some inner spiritual decorating.

17) Once done, return through the World Tree tunnel that brought you to this place and stand before the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

18) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

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