Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meditation: Aura Clearing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Be aware of your own aura, an egg or sphere shape around your body. Everyone perceives it differently. You can feel the energy of the aura moving around you, particularly in terms of temperature or magnetic resistance. You may psychically see it around you even with your eyes closed. What colour is it, and what does that colour mean to you? Do you notice any unusual patterns of colour, or places that seem out of balance? Allow the information to come. Be aware of the energy around you.

3) Ground yourself by visualizing a beam of light, any colour that feels right to you, descending down from your spine and into the center of the Earth. Your aura will look like a balloon being tied down, preventing it from going far. This sense of grounding is very important before doing the rest of this meditation.

4) Put out the intention that you wish to “completely cleanse the aura of any harm”, and ask this cleansing come with “ease, grace, and gentleness”. Ask your healing guides to aid you. Ask for the love and guidance of the Goddess and God.

5) Look closely at the aura. Scan it from top to bottom, sensing any rips or tears. Look for leaks in the aura where you are releasing vital life force or allowing other energies to come in to infect you. They may feel like cold or “windy” spots. The event that created this hole might pop into your mind, allowing you to deal with the feelings associated with it. The white light fills this area like plaster over a hole in the wall. Allow the white light to change to whatever colour is appropriate for that section of your aura. Continue this process until you have sealed all the holes in your aura.

6) Again scan the aura from top to bottom, this time searching for any unwanted thought forms. They will appear as areas of density, dark unhealthy-looking masses floating in the auric field, like garbage floating in water. When you find one, psychically reach out and “grab” it. When you do, the program, or thought creating it, becomes apparent, allowing you to push it out of the aura, and dissolve it in a burst of energy. Continue this process until you have cleared all the harmful thought forms in the aura.
7) For the last step of the auric cleansing, scan the aura and body for any cords, beams of energy connecting you to someone or someplace else. Psychically reach out and “grab” the cord, and the connection if often revealed to you. Notice where the cord is in the aura. The location will be a clue to the type of harm it is doing to you. Cords in the heart indicate emotions. Cords in the belly are often fear or sexuality. Cords in the throat are communication issues. Cords in the back mean trust issues. When they are on the right side, it indicates masculine issues, and on the left, feminine issues. When you find a cord, pull it out gently. The cord may be lodged in your body or in the aura, in the space around your body. Bless and release whatever is attached to the cord. Do this in love and healing, not anger or malice. Resentment is a common feeling, particularly when disconnecting from an abusive relationship, but you are coming into your power now. Let it go as much as you can. Pull the cord out, and send white light down the tube, dissolving it safely, causing no harm to you or anyone at the other end. Release them by saying, “Blessed Be”. Fill in any holes created in your body or aura with white light, allowing it to change to the appropriate colour. Continue this process until you have cleared all cords. The cords revealed to you now are the issues you are prepared to clear. Check on all sides, above and below you.

8) Change your aura’s colour through intention, choosing a colour with qualities you desire. Do whatever feels good to you. You can even arrange colours in layers. If your aura is tight around you, expand it to a comfortable size. If your aura is large and diffuse - bring your boundaries into a comfortable space, roughly a bit wider than arm’s length.

9) Reaffirm your protection shield:
“I charge my protection shield to protect me from all harm on any level, and reflect love back on the source of the harm.”
Repeat this three times and end with:
“So mote it be.”

10) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. So any necessary grounding.

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