Thursday, February 12, 2009

Italian Folk Magick

* Old keys of the skeleton key type are considered amulets for good luck. They can be carried on your person in a pocket or purse, or may be hung from a red ribbon near a window or doorway. When you find a key it is considered back luck to pass it by. One should always pick it up and say the following as you take the key in your left hand:

“It’s not a key that I have found
Nor one that I shall bear around
But fortune that I trust will be
Ever my friend and near to me.”

* A Binding Chant

“Feathers here as black as night,
Bind the villain with magick tight,
And in darkness actions quell,
Until such time I release this spell.”

* A Healing Spell

Take a silver coin that has sat beneath the Full Moon from midnight until 1 a.m. Anoint the coin with olive oil that has also sat beneath the Full Moon. Place the coin face down on the afflicted area. Move the coin in a counter clockwise circular manner (sliding the oiled coin around the area). Say:

“Pain that hits
With the fury of dragon’s blood,
For the love of all spirits
Leave this body,
Remove your stain.”

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