Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fire Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in a favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.
In your mind’s eye, place a lit candle on the ground before you and gaze at it for a few moments, focusing on a specific goal. Feel the heat of the sun above you, let it penetrate your skin and enfold you. If it is uncomfortable hot, try to just work through it. If it is too cool, try to focus so much on the sun that the temperature is magnified. When the image of the candle is strong, multiply that candle image into a circle of candles around you. Hold this image for several minutes, breathing deeply and watching the flames flicker.

The sun above you seems to enhance the dancing lights, as if they are speaking to one another. Your eyes are dazzled; the brilliance of the candles combined with the bright sun reflecting the brighter colours in the landscape help keep you in mind of your goal, your will.
Inhale deeply, and watch as candles become a ring of fire, rising into the air. Exhale and watch them subside. They rise… and then they fall again. With each indrawn breath, the flames move closer now, and do not recede. They advance, but the burning doesn’t come. The flames are hot, so hot, but you can withstand the heat. You know this because the fire is of your will, the reason you are here on this Dedicant’s path, and this is the element you are most like and most trying to learn from, to understand. Will. Passion. Heat. Fire. The flames are inches away from your skin now, searing hot.

Feel the flames begin to advance again, whenever you are ready. Let them touch you, and feel the sensation of the flames completely familiar, completely part of you. Open yourself to the sensation of the flames touching your skin, and focus on your will. Focus again, clearly, on your goal. Know that this is the tool of spiritual passion, sexual passion, anger, and the deepest, most complete kind of cleansing. Let yourself acknowledge the possibility that you can become powerful. Let the heat come in. Now. Hold it, focusing all of your intent on containing the fire, becoming, with your body, the tool of fire. And now let yourself feel your own power, now, in the moment. Take it in, and as you take it in, let the energy rise up inside of you. Become one with the element of fire, and let your focus hold the goal in the forefront of your mind. Acknowledge your power to change the world, or even just your own world - your life, your mind. Build the flames as high as you can before letting them fly out of you, to their sacred purpose.
And breathe. Send those roots down into the cool, cool earth. Exhale that excess smoke, now! That’s it, good. Earth the power well.

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