Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meditation: Faerie Magick Garden

Sit or recline comfortably in a private, peaceful spot, preferably outdoors in your garden or in the woods. When doing this meditation indoors, use a picture of a beautiful garden. Put the picture in front of you where you can see it.

Take several deep and complete breaths. As you inhale, imagine breathing in pure white light. As you exhale, just let go of any tension you might be feeling. Focus your awareness on your surroundings if you are outdoors. If meditating indoors, focus your attention on the picture of the beautiful garden in front of you. Take a deep, complete breath, and as you exhale, close your eyes. Continue breathing deeply and rhythmically.

In your mind’s eye, imagine being at the top of a flight of natural earthen steps. Move slowly down the steps, one at a time, down to a beautiful magick garden. It’s a place of enchanting adventure and joyful whimsy surrounded by green mountains and filled with magickal elves and faerie beings. In this garden are flowers of every colour and vegetables of every kind, as well as fruiting trees and splendid old-growth trees. A silver stream flows from the waterfall upon the hill above you, and feeds a small, glassy pond in the center of the magickal garden.

You come to a large, low branching tree, and sit upon one of the smooth branches. You can feel the power of the gnarled tree supporting you, and you can feel the energy from the earth beneath your feet. You connect with the essence of the energy from the tree. Your roots are your ancestors, your trunk is your life’s foundation, and your branches are your many aspects. Your leaves are like your thoughts, which act as light receptors.

You become aware of the dryad of the tree, a tall, green and brown tree spirit, and then you become aware of the dwarves and gnomes who live underground in caves, caverns, and great stone mountains. You see leprechauns and brownies dash about and winged brown, green, and multicoloured garden faeries flash about in the flowers and shrubbery. Woodland elves dance in and out from behind a thick grove of oak trees in the near distance, and you can hear the sound of enchanting music floating toward you.

As the music grows louder, you see lovely winged faeries surrounded by a radiant glow, and wind faeries with wings larger than their bodies, moving about the magick garden. You also see salamanders in the silver stream, and red newts on the stream bank. The entire garden seems to be enveloped in a beautiful light that brightens all the dark corners and make the colours in the garden sparkle with an otherworldly radiance.

As you breathe in the beauty of the garden and relax even more, imagine the stream speaking to you in an ancient voice, a voice that goes beyond sound. Somehow you understand that ancient voice. You see water faeries in the pond, beautiful and dream-like undines with enchanting voices. You listen to their song and it fills you with joyful wonder.

Continue enjoying the magickal beauty of the garden for a few more minutes as you breathe in and out, completely and deeply. When you are ready, imagine seeing those natural earthen steps in front of you, this time leading upward. Slowly ascend the steps, one at a time, feeling more and more energized and refreshed as you move upward. Now start moving your hands and feet, slowly opening your eyes, and coming back to the present moment and place.

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