Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Chakra Activating Feels Like

* A warmth or a tingling of energy rushing at the top of the head, bringing a heightened state of bliss (Crown Chakra)

* A need to close the eyes in order to really “see”, which often brings a sensation of pressure or sensitivity between one’s eyes and a heightened state of psychic awareness (Brow Chakra; Third Eye)

* A tingling in the throat, even an itch, indicating a need to speak up more (or a need to remain silent) (Throat Chakra)

* A deep warmth or vibration in one’s heart which compels an even stronger and more genuine love and caring for one’s companions (Heart Chakra)

* A pulling (even an ache, sometimes nausea) in one’s solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra)

* A “buzzing” in one’s genitals, leaving a person in a fairly constant state of sexual arousal having nothing to do with their sexuality (Belly Chakra)

* A pulsing or heaviness in one’s anus or perineum, facilitating the compelling need to become “rooted”, to sit on the earth and connect to Her energy (Root Chakra)

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