Monday, February 16, 2009


Cast a circle. Ground and center. Sit on a comfortable position, and gaze at your crystal or focusing object. Some people prefer to have the room completely dark; others light a candle. Lighting should never be bright.

Relax, and wait peacefully. Do not force anything to come. Many people feel fear and insecurity. Acknowledge the fears, relax into them, and let them dissolve.

After a time - and it may require regular practice over several sessions - the surface of the crystal may “could over” with raith energy. For some people, the clouds clear, and images appear in the crystal. Others find themselves closing their eyes, and seeing the images with the inner eye. Both methods are valid - choose the one that comes most easily.

To end, let the clouds return. See the crystal as the solid object it is. Cover it, and open the circle.

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