Sunday, February 15, 2009

Using a Pendulum

1) Get out your pendulum and prepare a list of yes/no questions. The first question should be, “What is a yes response?” and “What is a no response?” Once you know that you can ask any other questions.

2) Meditate and open up your awareness. Once you feel sufficiently open, maintain a light meditative state.

3) Hold out the pendulum with the weight dangling. Keep your hand steady. Stop the weight from moving and let go. Tune in to your guides.

4) Ask your question and close your eyes.

5) Visualize a happy, peaceful place to clear your mind. Do not worry about getting an answer. Relax for a few moments.

6) Open your eyes and take note of the motion of the pendulum for your answer.

7) Thank and release your guides when done, saying, “Hail and farewell.”

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