Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thirteen Rites of Cleansing

1) Release all unpleasant odours in your home! Open windows and air out stuffy areas and stagnant air. Burn scented candles or use air freshener. Clean out your vehicle!

2) Rid yourself of all old photographs and memorabilia that reminds you of negative events, people, and bad behaviour. If possible, burn these items and repeat aloud your intention to remove these memories from your life. If you can’t burn them, simply remove them from your property.

3) Get rid of any sick or dead houseplants. If you have a yard, take a walk through it to decide what else to get rid of or to replace.

4) Throw out all old paperwork that no longer serves you. That which you still need, simply place in a labelled box in a closet for when you need it.

5) Release anything from your life that refers to sickness. Replace these things with bright colours, affirmations of healing, etc. Wash all curtains, throw rugs, pillows, etc.

6) Get rid of anything broken and unstable in your house. Replace these items with quality items at your convenience.

7) Clean out your closet! Get rid of ripped, torn, faded clothes or whatever doesn’t fit you or you no longer wear. Consider your budget, replace some items and dream up others that you wish to purchase in the future.

8) Rid yourself of any movies or music that you no longer want or need.

9) Get rid of any old and tarnished jewellery that is of no value. If you have jewellery you wish to keep, take the time to clean it.

10) Release anything that reminds you of a failure that you’re holding onto. As you clear out your living space, keep repeating:
“I am making room for success!”
Get rid of broken statues, knickknacks, trinkets, and baubles that are cluttering your personal space.

11) Release trapped energy. Clear out and illuminate a dark corner in your house. Go through your kitchen cabinets, and throw out old cans, boxes, bottles, and jars of food. Wipe down the fridge, microwave, and other electronic appliances.

12) Release any and all fears you have about your future.

13) Release dirt and grime from your living space. Wash floors, vacuum, clean windows.

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  1. :) Love it :)

    i dunno why but most Witches Love to clean lol
    well i guess i do Know why but to long to type everything lol