Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fifth Element: Spirit

* Plane: Divine

* Direction: center, above, and below

* Colours: white, all colours

* Sense: hearing, and knowing (the sixth sense)

* Gender: androgynous

* Nature: all natures - warm, cold, wet, dry

* Season: all seasons

* Zodiac sign: all signs

* Tarot suit: Major arcane

* Tools: cauldron, pentacle

* Elemental: all angelic and divine archetypal beings

* Animals: phoenix, dragon, sphinx

* Archangel: Metatron

* Key words: unity, harmony, creation, unconditional love, centering, sacredness

* Deities: the Great Spirit, Dryghten, the Creator/Creatix, the divine mind, the One, the All, Godhead, Primal Spirit, Source, God/dess

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