Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meditation: Showers of Light

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Visualize a cloud floating several feet above your head. The cloud can be white and fluffy, or dark and grey. It hovers a few feet over your crown.

3) The cloud will rain down drops of light. At any time, if you feel uncomfortable, experience the discomfort for a moment and, if you desire, change it to a more comfortable colour. If drops of light are causing the discomfort, you can change their form to snow, mist, bubbles, or a beam of light descending down upon you.

4) The cloud rains down drops of red light. Feel the ruby red drops descend upon you, and flow from your crown all over your body. They cover you inside and out, even inside and around your protective shield. Feel the energy of red light.

5) After a few minutes, change the colour of the drops, spending some time on each colour in the spectrum. Use the following order of colours at first, but when you repeat the meditation, change the order as you see fit.

Red - like a ruby
Red-orange - like the embers of a fire
Orange - like the fruit
Gold - like the metal
Yellow - like a lemon
Lime - like the fruit
Green - like the grass or an emerald
Turquoise - like the stone or warm seawaters
Blue - like the sky
Indigo - the colour of a clear, midnight sky
Purple - like a grape
Violet - like the flower
Black - like a windowless room
Brown - like the earth
Rust - like metal
Pink - like a flower
Silver - like the metal
White - crystal white like a prism or opal

6) After you spend some time with each colour, end on crystal-clear white light to clear out any remaining energies that you do not want to carry with you.

7) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

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