Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sacred Sexuality Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in your favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.

As you breathe, allow yourself to sink more deeply into the meditation. Find that central place of stillness, and let your mind wander to your sexuality. Open yourself to truth, forget about all the lies. Ask yourself what the truest part of your sexuality is, ask yourself what your deepest sexual fantasy is. What are your ideals? What are your fears? Do not judge yourself, just let your mind go into the place of truth and love. You can discover much about who you are sexually (and romantically) in this way, without risk, and without the need to act on these feelings in any way. For now, focus on what you are seeing and hearing and sensing about yourself and your experience. Take your time with this. Hold on to the answers, and remember them as clearly as you can.

As you begin to come back up into consciousness, take note of all the things that attach themselves to your inner experience, all those “dark shreds of gummy cloth”. What kinds of attitudes and lies are holding you back? Is there sexual abuse in your past covering up who you truly are in the present? How about what Mommy always told you? Or the church? Take note of them all. Do not judge these either, but just notice them, and remember.

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