Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Charge of the God

Listen to the counsel of the Great God of the Forest, who was of old called Herne after the call of the hind, Horned One, Gentle Savage, Green Man, Cernunnos, Pan, the Dark One who watches from the shadows, the protector who stands between dark and light, the Bright One, Helios, Apollo, Ra, Lugh, and by many other names.

I am the Lord and the hunter, the hunted and the saved. I call to you from the shadows of the forest, from the darkness of your own Mysteries and the pure clean light of the sun. I am here, on the edge of the shadows, your Protector and Guardian, your intent and your secret dreams. I breathe life into promise, faith into the tired heart. If you choose to walk with Me, My silence will teach you all you need to know, for behold - I am the protective guardian of your spirit, nudging you toward the edge of the forest where Mystery meets the truth that illuminates your soul. I am father, brother, husband, son, friend. I am the harmony of dark and light, the cycle of life, the seed of all that is great and strong within you.

Know that you must ever seek Me, ever searching, ever returning, for this is the cycle of Nature, of Divinity, of the Sacred Spiral. You come to Me as you leave Me, you leave Me as you arrive, and ever the cycle turns. It is the turning, this motion that restores balance to all things. Know that in your turnings there is the promise of My seed. Just as winter is dormant, so the summer is abundant. As I die and become reborn, so you too will turn away, and then turn toward Me, for I am the King of birth and death, of silence and prophecy, and the truth of the Mystery that the answers you seek lie within your own soul - in silence, in the sounds of nature, and in the faith that eternally sets you free.

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