Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Samhain Ritual

***Pre-ritual Message***

Tonight is about power. My power. As I move through this rite and take these actions, I know I have the power to bend and shape my life in any way I wish to, in any way the gods lead me to. As I slip, soft as silk, in and out between the worlds, I can feel all the subtle energies much more strongly, for tonight is Samhain, the most powerful night of the year. The veil is gossamer thin, and I can touch the threads that only the Fates can touch; I can weave a new life, a new dream can take form and manifest. As I look around I am reminded of the darkness that this time holds: the darkness of the Mystery, the part of myself I have yet to know. What will I learn? What actions will I choose now to propel me forward into this bright and shining tapestry the Fates weave so well? What, dear God, will I become? And what, dear Goddess, must I leave behind in order to manifest that change? Tonight… us about power. My power!

***Invite the God***

Dark Cernunnos, Watcher and Protector, Ruler of the Mysterious Path to the Lady, Keeper of the Caverns of the Mystery, you are the Lord I seek tonight, with your understanding of my true nature, my shadows, and my mysteries. I ask that you bless my circle with the courage to face my fears, the stamina to explore my own Mysteries, and the compassion and love to change those things I cannot accept. Come, Mysterious One, and help me through the darkness to the truth of myself and my world. Be here, now. Great Lord of the Mystery! Blessed be!
(Light the God candle).

***Invite the Goddess***

Great Goddess Hecate, Giver of Life, Bringer of Death. You harbour the great Mysteries, the mysteries of the Self. You who hold the powers of light and dark, the knowledge of the ages, I ask that you join me tonight. Share your mysteries with me, Dark Mother, give me the answers that I seek. Guide me on my journey to my truest self. Loan me your wisdom and strength so that I may cast away doubt, fear, and negative beliefs. Come to me Hecate, in all your glory, and feel the depth of my reverence and my love! Blessed be.

(Light the Goddess candle).


The fires are lit.
Let the ritual begin.

It is time. As I enter this passage into darkness, I can honour and respect my dark side, those facets of myself that I hide, even from myself.. I can honour the shadow by simply looking, without judgement, and owning my fears. The Dark Time is here, from now until Yule, time to look, to remember, and finally to cast off those parts of my mask that are no longer needed. I have waited long and learned well, and now I can use the momentum of this time on the Wheel, this time of my life, and this sacred rite to carry me to the changes I so earnestly seek… as I dance the dance of banishing, and break free of the forces that have bound me for so long.

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