Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Candle for Attracting Love

To attract a lover who will appreciate and respond to your unique “vibration”, you can amplify that vibration by lighting a candle and saying:

“In the core of my heart,
A flame burns brightly,
Burning to give love,
Burning to receive love.
It burns for a love that is pure and true,
It burns for a love that is full of passion.”

Pause to place your hand over your heart, as you think about your heart qualities: warmth, kindness, passion, and a capacity for a very great love. Feel the beating of your heart and imagine waves of energy that radiate outward, radiating your special warmth, radiating your unique quality of love.

While gazing at the candle or the photograph, recite:

“My heart flame’s a beacon
For the one who is right for me.
Whether from near or from far,
Let her be drawn to me.
Light the path that she may find me.
As I desire, so she desires.
And so my true love comes to me.”

Along with this recitation, you should spend some time contemplating what qualities you require in a mate, and, equally important, what you have to offer another person.

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