Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meditation: Elemental Cleansing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Call upon the element of Fire to heal and balance your soul. Feel yourself engulfed in flame, surrounding your body. The flame does not cause pain, but consumes your self-image, leaving you as pure light and energy. Thank the energy of Fire.

3) Call upon the element of Air to clear and heal your mind. Feel a breeze move through your energy, sweeping away any smoke or ash, transforming you into a clear, crystalline, hollow body, filling with the Air energy. You are clear, open, and free. Thank the energy of Air.

4) Call upon the element of Water to heal your heart and astral body. Feel the tides come in slowly, building into waves that start to wash over your body, filling you with water. Feel the tide peak and quickly wash away. Thank the energy of Water.

5) Call upon the element of Earth to heal your body and bring balance. Feel the ground beneath you, and feel as if a giant quartz crystal point grows up out of the ground, around you, engulfing you, as its point forms at the top of your crown and its vertical axis is parallel with your spine. Feel the energy of the earth rise up through your body, from the crystal, starting at the base of your spine and moving up your body, coming out like a bolt of lightning from the point of the crystal, into the sky. Thank the energy of Earth.

6) Feel yourself perfectly balanced and healed as the crystal melts away, leaving you centered.

7) Return to normal consciousness.

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