Friday, February 6, 2009


Scrying: Session One

Your first session should be only around 10 to 15 minutes in length. Just estimate; don’t watch a clock.

Place your crystal or mirror on the table and sit in front of it. There is no fixed rule about how close you need to put your crystal, but of course, you need to be able to be able to see it.
Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this three times to help you relax.

At this learning session, you will not be asking any questions or looking for anything in particular. You should be looking for spontaneous images or symbols. Now stare into your crystal or mirror. See what comes into focus and what materializes where you are not directly focusing.

As you gaze, you will eventually and unconsciously find a natural and comfortable placement for your eyes and body. As you practice, you will find that you will automatically resume this posture and gaze. At first, however, feel free to manoeuvre about until you reach a position that is stress-free and relaxing. This, in itself, is a large step toward eventual success.

As you gaze at the crystal or mirror, you will find that your mind tends to wander. You will suddenly start thinking about that test you have to take or those bills you have to pay. This is totally normal. You will think about not only important things, but also things of little importance. Don’t be surprised if you start thinking about that awful sweater you bought 3 years ago and why you did it. What were you thinking?

If you find your mind straying, let it do so. Don’t force yourself to concentrate. You will eventually learn how to control those thoughts by simply acknowledging them for a few seconds and letting them pass normally. With time, those outside distractions will simply just not appear; you will be able to totally focus on the crystal.

If your eyes begin to tire as you are scrying during this first session (and they will), close them for a few seconds or look at something else in the room. Tell yourself that at the next session you will have more stamina and more control of your senses.

You are slowly programming your mind to dispel thoughts in which you are not interested. This will be a breakthrough to being an accomplished seer. For now, just continue to gaze for 10 to 15 minutes and see if you get any type of impressions.

If you do not notice anything as you come to the end of your first session, keep relaxing but go to the next step. Focus on something specific that you will be doing in the future, such as going to an event. Think about how you got invited, who else is attending, where it will be held and so on. See if you can envision in the crystal or mirror what will take place. Can you see people or symbols? Perhaps you will see a hazy tree or some other cryptic scene. Later make a note of it in your journal.

After you attend the event, see if you remember the significance of the tree or whatever else appeared to you. Was the affair outside? Did you meet someone special next to a big oak? If you can’t relate that tree to anything that happened, accept defeat and try, try again. Do not give up too easily.

Scrying: Session Two

Following the same instructions for preparation as for your first session, but decide whether you merely want to see what images appear or to ask questions. If you ask questions, do so when you feel relaxed and confident. After you ask a questions the images should appear that provide the answer.

The second time you do a scrying session, after you focus your eyes, see if you can start a visualize a cloudy mist. See if the mist forms itself into any shapes or if anything seems to be going on just behind the mist. Even from these vague appearances, you can receive much information. Although the following qualities are not scenes or recognizable images, they may give you some information about the question you have or the future even you are imagining.

* Glistening and silvery impressions - good sign, prosperity

* Milky colour - unstable circumstances

* Dark and cloudy - trouble

* White mist - positive signs

* Black mist - negative associations

* Shades of violet, blue or green - Happiness and satisfaction

* Shades of red, orange, or yellow - danger, illness or disappointment

If you see simple symbols or one image, use your common sense and take the image for what it is.

Some scryers feel that images have metaphysical or symbolic meanings, like in a dream. The images in scrying are more literal, meaning that if you see a train, you will have an actual connection with a train.

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