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* Chakra is Sanskrit for “spinning wheel”, referring to the spinning wheels of light within the energy body. As your physical body has physical organs, your spiritual bodies have spiritual, or energetic, organs, points of light, that process energy in much the same way physical organs process food, water and oxygen. Each works on a different level of reality.

* Each chakra contains one of the main colours of the spectrum, starting at the bottom of the spine and ascending.

* They are connected through a “central core channel”, like a tube, through which energy flows, as well as spiralling kundalini channels.

* Each chakra is associated with a different function of consciousness as well as particular body systems, glands, subtle bodies, and gemstones.

* Consecrating and carrying the associated gemstones or laying them on the chakra, will help alleviate any imbalances or issues you have with each.

Root Chakra

* Found at the base of the spine, at the perineum point, between the sexual organs and the anus.
* Colour: Red
* The first chakra because it deals with our most basic functions and earthly needs, “rooting” us to the physical world.
* Our physical bodies relate to the root, because its function is to keep us alive. Our survival instinct, our sense of grounding or being “in the body”, and the desire to procreate and carry on our genetic identity.
* Glands: sexual - gonads, ovaries
* System: excretory, purging physical toxins out of the body to allow us to live.
* The root stores the energy of kundalini, which means “coiled serpent”. This is part of our personal energy, our life force that lies dormant. It spirals up the body through the kundalini channels, the ida and pingala, as a double helix, through the seven chakras.

Belly Chakra

* Also called the Sacral Chakra.
* The lower sacral spine, abdominal chakra.
* Slightly above or below the navel.
* Colour: blue
* Gemstone: carnelian
* It deals with the realm of primal instincts and emotions.
* The energy relates to our basic need to reach out and commune with another being.
* This is the relationship to others, symbolizing our recognition that there is more than just “me”.
* Sexual and social relationships and one-on-one relationships.
* Organs: kidneys, intestines, lower digestive system, spleen, pancreas.
* The etheric body, the energetic template to the physical body; this level of the energy body holds our shape.

Solar Plexus Chakra

* Located right below the diaphragm muscle, beneath the rib cage.
* Colour: yellow
* The basic human desire to exercise control over the things that are beyond us.
* We seek to exercise our will on the outside world. Our sense of power, on all levels, from physical power, health, metabolism, and energy to our strength of will, mental control, and even spiritual energy.
* Self image - How do you view yourself? A healthy self-image relates to your sense of security in the world.
* The astral body - astral travel, psychokinesis
* System: musculature - the power to move
* Organs: stomach, liver (cleanses and stores toxins from the body), gall bladder, adrenal glands (when you feel fear, these glands give you a boost of adrenaline - “butterflies in your tummy”)

Heart Chakra

* Located near the sternum
* Colour: green
* The middle chakra, the bridge between our lower and higher selves.
* Associated with emotion (to bring us spiritual awareness through the connections we feel to our family, friends, community, and eventually the entire human race and all of nature).
* Colour: pink
* Its true purpose is to bring us to a state of unconditional love, or perfect divine love.
* Gemstones: anything pink or green; emerald, rose quartz
* System: heart muscle, circulatory
* Organs: skin, immune system, thymus gland

Throat Chakra

* Colour: blue
* The base of the neck
* Relates to the ability to express ourselves and communicate, encourages us to express higher thoughts and feelings to others.
* A message relaying system - the ability to speak up and state what you desire to happen is part of your magickal abilities.
* System: respiratory - vocal cords, larynx, tonsils, thyroid
* Gemstone: turquoise, sapphire, lapis lazuli

Brow Chakra/Third Eye

* Located between and slightly above the eyes,
* Organ: pineal gland - located in the brain, it can sense light.
* Relates to the function of seeing: physical seeing, seeing situations clearly, and seeing things psychically, our sixth sense, seeing things as they really are, to learn the spiritual reality that interacts with our physical reality.
* This is where our “mind’s eye” is when we visualize something during meditation.
* Powers of intuition, clairvoyance (psychic seeing), visual-related tasks
* Colour: indigo
* Gemstones: anything purple - amethyst, anything indigo

Crown Chakra

* At the top of the head
* Colour: violet, lavender, dazzling white
* The culmination of the chakra system, expressing our innate connection to To the divine and all life.
* The source of inspiration and divine wisdom.
* It opens the gates to spiritual epiphanies and insights, giving us greater spiritual understanding.
* The connection to the Great Mother Goddess and Father God, the Great Spirit and source of all that is.
* Our sense of divine love and a higher power.
* Organ: pituitary gland - the master gland of the endocrine system, controlling hormonal levels throughout the body.
* Gemstones: diamond, opal, clear or white quartz

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