Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spirit Guides

* Spirit Guide - Those who are there to help you and direct you, like a good friend, to be there to speak when you need them and to be there to listen when you need to talk. They act like spiritual therapists and good friends. They may cross over with any of the other following roles, and are the most common to interact with during a shamanic journey or meditation.

* Protector - These spirits are concerned with your physical welfare, but also with your spiritual protection. Different spirits may be in charge of different aspects of protection for you. Angel and animal spirits are often viewed as protectors.

* Gatekeepers - They are not physical protectors, but protectors of your consciousness, guardians of your mind and spirit. They may simultaneously assume the role of protector as well.

* Healer - These spirits are available for your healing on all levels and to aid others in healing. When you desire self-healing, call on your healers and ask for instructions. Once you have called on them, lie down and they will align your physical and subtle bodies, just like when you visit a witch or any other kind of hands-on healer. Your guides will put their spiritual hands on you and create balance. Ask them for any special instructions. Intuitively, you may feel like you have to change your position to facilitate their work. They will also let you know when the session is complete. When it is over, thank and release your healing guides. They can act as internal alchemists, healing body chemistry. If you do any other healing work, call on your healers before you begin, to guide you.

* Joy Guide - They are said to help you remain in contact with fun, laughter, and your inner child. Also known as a laughter guide, tricksters, faeries, and other mischievous spirits take on this role, sometimes hiding things from you. It is related at times to the gatekeeper function, guarding your consciousness from energies that would harm the inner child.

* Runner - Those who help you manifest and find things in the physical world. Elementals and nature spirits are usually the embodiment of these.

* Master teacher - Concerned about your spiritual development and the course of your study. They will provoke you not only to learn, but also to practice and develop your skills. Think of this spirit as a mentor, who will often be connected in some way to your chosen life profession.

* Patron - Usually refers to a patron deity, a goddess or god whom you serve and for whom you act as an agent in this world. Your learning and development is directly tied to the patron whom you choose, or who chooses you, and can sometimes change with time as your path changes. A patron may also act as your master teacher.

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