Sunday, February 15, 2009

Building your place of power: The Inner Temple

* Center - refers to the center of the temple, a place that represents the center of the self and easily leas to all areas of the temple.

* Reflective surface - used to look at your spiritual self, to take stock of the changes going on within you. (a magick mirror, pool of water, crystal ball).

* Place of water - some source of water in the temple (wishing well, pool, stream, waterfall, river, lake, seacoast, etc).

* Place of earth - a place of grounding, to help you find your way when feeling lost or underground, a place of manifesting (forest, jungle, garden, etc).

* Place of fire - candles, the sun, torches

* Place of air - the sky, incense

* Gates of consciousness - represent different energies and levels of awareness.

1) Guidance: opened to invite your spirit guides and spiritual helpers to your temple.
2) Creativity: lends help in expressing your artistic and creative sides.
3) Learning - opens the gateway to understanding teachings, both mystical and mundane.
4) Memories - reveals past experiences, of this life and previous incarnations.
5) Purpose - illuminates your true purpose at this time.
6) Healing - leads to a chamber of healing, where your healing guides can work on you deeply in safety and comfort. Used for healing on all levels.
7) Peace - brings tranquility and comfort when feeling stress or unease.
8) Transformation - reveals parts of us that we have hidden, such as the shadow self, and urges us to transform ourselves, to take the next step in our evolution. Use with caution.
9) Journey - leads to different lands and dimensions throughout time and space. Used for exploring and quests for knowledge of a personal and spiritual nature.
10) Ancestors - used to connect to those who have come before us, to those from whom we descend, genetically and spiritually.
11) Harmony - manifests an experience of unity and openness with everyone. Helps create group consciousness.
12) Dreams - opens to the realm of our personal and collective unconscious, the spiritual lands we visit when we sleep. Best to be used before going to sleep and close it in the morning.

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